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Before your Colonic

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Colon hydrotherapy preparation / 1st Session

Please prepare two to three days before your session by drinking a few liters of water throughout the day to ensure that you are well-hydrated for your session. Eat healthy and nourishing foods the day of your colonic session, unless you are fasting. Eating a meal, two to four hours before your colonic is ideal, but no food or beverage should be consumed in the two hours before your appointment.

You are in the process of taking excellent care of yourself, so remember to allow for the time and space you need to be in a calm state of mind. Your body responds best to treatment when it is relaxed: deep breathing, laughing, exercising, soothing music, and a positive, supportive environment all help facilitate this peaceful state.

If you wish to go a few steps further, there are several additional measures you can take to prepare for your colon hydrotherapy.

The following is voluntary on your part and is not required.

Drink 16 to 32 ounces of raw vegetable juice daily. Even if you don’t have an appointment scheduled with me, I would recommend that you do this.

Raw Veggie Juice

Fresh raw veggie juice goes to work to help scrub your cells squeaky clean like soap does for us externally. A colonic is like a shower that rinses the released toxins out of the body and away from our internal lining. Drinking the veggie juice before your colonic helps loosen wastes in the body and starts the cleansing process in advance.

An excellent cleansing formula: one head romaine lettuce or equal to that amount in celery, 5-6 stalks kale, 1-2 apples, 1 whole lemon, 1-2 tablespoons fresh ginger (all organic if you can). Instead of putting it all in a blender as he photo suggests, use a juicer to separate the juice from the pulp.

Eating lots of raw salads is also fantastic as it helps to scrub like a brush through the large intestines, and helps to move unwanted debris through. Try to avoid dairy products, red meats, shellfish, processed carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, etc.), fried foods, and sugar for as long as you can leading up to your appointment. Its best to start eliminating the foods mentioned above altogether, but it is a step-by-step process that takes time.

Include lots of the following in your healthy diet:

Raw fruits and vegetables (preferably organic if you can)

Lightly steamed, low starch vegetables organic raw nuts and seeds

Plenty of omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, coconut oils, avocados, and cold-pressed plant oils, such as olive and sesame oil raw, unpasteurized dairy products from goats or sheep hole grains organic chicken and clean freshwater fish.

After Your Colonic Session:

After your session, I recommend probiotics.

During a colonic, some of the good and bacteria, along with the bad, may be eliminated from your colon. The probiotics will re-inoculate your system with the good bacteria you need.

Eat light, for the remainder of the day. Try to stay away from raw, overly rich, dense foods. You have just cleansed your system, and I suggest that you allow your body the time it needs to rest and relax, so it can go to work to heal you, rather than go to work digesting fatty meals.

Other excellent post-treatment dietary options include fresh veggie juice, steamed vegetables, a non-cream-based soup, light fish, and soft whole grains. Please try to stay away from alcohol; it will go directly to your head and may cause a stomachache because it is too strong for your freshly cleansed system.

It is fine to carry on with your regular daily plans or to return to work or school, as you will feel fine. Most people feel energetic, light, and in a very positive mood after a colonic.

One good choice – like internal cleansing – often leads to another, so if you have the day to yourself, go for a long walk or do yoga – make it a day of bettering yourself!

If you’re looking to continue to make more holistic choices, I use a high-quality line of supplements which are for purchase to continue supporting your nutritional needs at home or on the go.

The herbs can be purchased from

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Crystal N. Courtney

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Click this link to take the health assessment see which herbs your system requires. It's going to make a lot of recommendations. However, you want to read through them all, selecting only the herbs that sounds most like what you are experiencing and are inline with the changes you want in that body system.

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Once your set up you can order any herb and essential oils and more at discounted members cost instead of paying retail prices, it's well worth it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

Crystal N. Courtney

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