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Dr. Beverly Nicholson's 90 Day Detox.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

We humans dearly value good health. But we tend to take it for granted - until we come face to face with illness. Good health is a desire we all have and share. Most of us will spend thousands of dollars treating the symptoms of the disease and will never find a cure, and will give a portion of our income to health insurance to cover our expenses of such illnesses.

Yet very little is invested in the prevention of disease which costs far less than the treatment. One example of a condition that is easily preventable is cancer of the colon. We don't hear much about it, yet it is second only to heart disease as the most common cause of death in the U.S. Doesn't it seem strange that the American Cancer Society stated that cancer of the colon has now taken over first place as the most common form of fatal cancer in the U.S.? This is an unnecessary evil.

Our Diet

What we choose to eat can have a direct effect on our ability to enjoy life to its fullest. This is true for everyone, despite his or her age and current health. Our food choices play a primary role in our well-being.

While few would argue the importance our diet plays in our health, the removal of toxic waste from our bodies is paramount to a healthy body. If proper elimination is the key to good health more so than how well we eat, then isn't it essential that we do what is necessary to eliminate waste from our bodies? Let's look at how the health of our colon affects our total well-being?

The Colon

The colon is the part of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum.

The purpose of the colon as an organ of elimination is to collect all fermentative and putrefactive, toxic waste from every part of the anatomy and remove all solid and semi-solid waste from the body.

A properly functioning colon is necessary for the transport of nutrients. The inner lining of the colon is equipped with sensitive nerves and glands. These glands aid in the final stages of digestion and the assimilation of food, especially minerals and water and in eliminating body waste from the system. The inside of the colon may be compared to a water pipe that is partly obstructed by mineral deposits and corrosion.

When the walls of the colon are packed (or lined) with accumulated feces, the colon cannot absorb nutrients or eliminate wastes properly; therefore, food remains undigested.

It is a tube approximately five feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. A healthy colon has a uniform size and tone.

The three primary functions of the colon are:

1. To aid in the final stage of digestion of our food by helping the body absorb the nutrients from our diet.

2. To eliminate the digestive residue of food, we have eaten

3. To discharge the toxins, parasites, and waste from our body.

We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean and functioning normally. When the colon is congested with stagnant waste, poisons back up into our systems and pollute the body. This is called auto-intoxication - literally, "self-poisoning." Isn't "self-poisoning" a form of suicide?

Symptoms of A Clogged Colon

When sufferers of a clogged colon finally visit the doctor, they usually present a history of one or more of the following:

Anemia, Arthritis, Bad Breath, Body Odor, High and Low Blood Pressure, Brittle Nails and Hair, Circles Under Eyes, Cold Feet or Hands, Constipation, Food Cravings, Depression, Diabetes, Eczema, Fatigue, Fibroid Tumors, Gout, Headaches, Hemorrhoids, Indifference, Insomnia, Jaundice, Joint Pain, Low Energy, Lupus, Lymphatic, Congestion, Menstrual Pain, Nausea, Nervousness, Obesity/Overweight, Parasites, Poor Memory, Prostate Problems, Pot Belly, Rash Roundworms, Seizures, Skin Problems, Stress, Tapeworms, Thrush, Thyroid Problems, Tonsillitis, Ulcers, UTI, Varicose Veins, Viruses, Warts, Worms, Yeast,

Zinc Deficiency.

What do you think the #1 reason why many people are overweight? This may be caused by the extra poundage being piled up in their colon and a distorted glandular system. Some patients have eliminated 1 to 25 pounds of toxic build up form their colon. Isn't it amazing how much junk can be packed away (for years) in the colon?

Colon Cleanse

The program incorporates Cascara Sagrada as a herbal laxative, Hydrated Bentonite for detoxification, Psyllium Hulls as a strong fiber to absorb toxins and Chlorophyll to deodorize.

* Psyllium Hulls Combination [Intestinal] provides bulk to the diet. The hulls absorb several times their weight in liquid. Psyllium has high amounts of undigestible fiber that has a mucilaginous quality. NSP's Psyllium Hulls Combination contains psyllium hulls, hibiscus flower and licorice root in bulk rather than encapsulated form.

* Cascara Sagrada [Intestinal], known as sacred bark, is one of Nature's Sunshine's most popular herbal products. Its popularity is no accident. As a nutritional support for the eliminative function, the bark has been used by cultures around the world, including the Native North Americans and American settlers. Spanish missionaries noticed its use among the natives and called it sacred; hence, the Spanish name. It was first marketed in 1877, and was later acknowledged and used by the medical profession. Nature's Sunshine offers the herb individually or in many combinations.

* Bentonite, Hydrated [Intestinal] is a natural clay that comes from volcanic ash. It is often used as a thickener in facial masks as it absorbs excess oil and dirt from the skin. Studies show that the internal use of volcanic ash goes back to the indigenous peoples of the high Andes mountains, tribes in Central Africa and the aborigines of Australia. Taken internally, it supports the intestinal system in the elimination of toxins. Hydrated bentonite is made by suspending the microfine bentonite of USP-grade purity in purified water.

* Chlorophyll [Intestinal] is the green pigment in plants that harnesses the sun¹s energy in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll performs metabolic functions in plants such as respiration and growth. Interestingly, the chlorophyll molecule is chemically similar to human blood, except that its central atom is magnesium, whereas that of human blood is iron. The alfalfa plant, from which Nature¹s Sunshine¹s chlorophyll comes, is an excellent source of chlorophyll. Nature¹s Sunshine offers chlorophyll in both liquid and capsules for varying needs.

90 Day Cleanse Administration

Twice daily you mix in a shaker Nature's Sunshine's Hydrated Bentonite, Liquid Chlorophyll, and Psyllium Hulls with purified water and a natural juice-apple drink.

The shake will then be followed by a glass of purified water and Cascara Sagrada capsules.

You should have 3-4 eliminations a day.

It won't be loose or diarrhea. The waste will come out in bulk.

The elimination after that should be substantive and effective. With each bowel movement parasites, tapeworms, toxins, and pounds of waste will be released.

Within one week, the person should see a noticeable difference in what is being eliminated.


Often the waste is so hard and well lodged in the colon that it may take a series of colon cleanings to sufficiently soften, loosen and remove

It is recommended that a program for 90 days or longer be undertaken.

Colon cleaning is most effective when employed in combination with exercise and the elimination from the diet of non-mucous producing foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and certain herbs are suggested to help loosen and dissolve accumulated fecal matter.

Why Herbs? Herbs are part of the vegetarian of the planet, and the planet's vegetation is the best.

An excellent time to incorporate a colon-cleansing program is at the change of seasons when diet and exercise patterns often change.

You should also have a colon cleansing before, during, and after a "fast" to quicken the removal of toxic waste. Even during the cold and flu season.

The Benefits

By cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter, Nature's Sunshine Colon Cleanser offers relief from the disturbances mentioned previously and others. With colon cleansing, your well being is often dramatically improved. You feel lighter, more energetic. The body can again assimilate food in the colon, and better defend itself against disease. Natural peristalsis, tone, and regularity are restored, and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, all natural technique. Colon Cleansing is a crucial factor in the restoration of the glittering health we all can and should have!

Side Effects or Damage To The Flora?

There are no side effects, not even one. It is not uncommon, however, for some people to start to feel like they have a cold, nausea or headache during a cleanse. Toxins which have been lying dormant in the colon are now being flushed out, and a small amount may be re-absorbed into the body's system (this is why consistency during the cleanse is essential to keep the flushing going). This healing crisis passes quickly, and with the continuation of the cleanse, the person will realize a feeling of well-being.

The intestinal flora is not damaged. One of the functions of the first half of the colon is to gather intestinal flora needed for the colon. When the accumulation of feces in the bowel leads to fecal encrustation, it is difficult for the colon to function normally. When the lack of lubrication intensifies a state of constipation, it generates toxemia which upsets the healthy acid-alkaline balance and stunts the growth of the friendly bacteria. Colon cleansing will help bring the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance and would impair the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

It is best to take this cleanse until you have had two weeks free of mucus and parasites. Remember, the average bowel takes at least a year to cleanse.

Many people take this when they feel fat or under par. It’s a good starter cleanse for people who have never tried herbs because what you see is usually what you can believe, and you always see results with this cleanse. Fat people lose weight on this cleanse, and thin people gain.

This cleanse is designed to work on the entire digestive system.  This includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. Many people don’t realize it, but they have a thick mucus coating the length of their digestive tract. This mucus gets hard like plastic or glass. It becomes hard for the person to absorb their nutrients, including herbs and vitamins. Many overweight people eat so much because they are actually starving. They aren’t absorbing what the body needs. The Small Intestine cleanse is designed to dissolve and release this mucus, along with pushing out old fecal material from various bowel pockets.  It also purges the free-loaders AKA (parasites).

What you need to purchase from Natures Sunshine

P95055 (2 16fl. oz. bottles of ) Liquid Chlorophyll Non-Member: $41.95 Member: $27.95

1725 (23 fl.oz of) Hydrated Bentonite Non-Member: $28.35 Member: $18.85

1376 (11 Oz. of) Psyllium Hulls Non-Member: $34.70 Member: $23.10

170 (100 caps of) Cascara Sagrada Non-Member: $19.50 Member: $12.95

Non-Member: $124.50 Member: $82.85

with shipping totals Non-Member: $133.50 Member: $91.85

The recipe for the 90 day cleanse:

2 T Chlorophyll

2 T Bentonite along with

1 T Psyllium Hulls combo in 4 oz of natural juice (such as apple juice) and 4 oz of water

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Follow the drink with another 8 oz of water.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

8 ounces of water and 2-4 capsules of Cascara Sagrada.

Psyllium Hulls Combo (15 grams of fiber per tablespoon)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I highly recommend doing it for 90 days to get the full results, at least once in a year

Am + PM on an empty stomach.

The herbs can be purchased from Natures Sunshine directly



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