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Take good care of your liver

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Liver Detoxing

Ways to Support Your Precious Liver

The liver weighs about three pounds it's the second-largest organ your skin being the largest. The liver has many functions in the effort to keep us healthy it filters everything we eat and drink, helps move toxins effectively out of the body, regulates blood sugar levels, stores extra sugar in the form of glycogen, and converts excess carbohydrate and protein into forms that can be stored for later use.

Our liver also produces the body’s bile, which breaks down fats so they can be absorbed, and carries wastes out in the stool. Our livers even break down old blood cells. It stores iron. It saves clotting molecules for the blood.

When the liver is toxic from things in our such as chemicals, fast food, sugar, snack food and sodas, excess alcohol, pollution, and the constant stress we all face every day.

We are routinely exposed to over 84,000 chemicals many untested for safety because they were grandfathered in by the Toxic Substances Act; all of these toxins place a significant burden on the liver’s detoxification system.

When our liver is impacted by chronic stress, along with everyday life—which often leads to constant high levels of cortisol, and contributes to fatty liver. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is prevalent in the United States, affecting an estimated 80 to 100 million people who have no idea that they are living with this condition.

Natures Sunshine Liver cleanse supports better health in the body – from cholesterol and hormone metabolism to detoxification, energy, and even cognitive function.

The early signs and symptoms of a toxic liver

Always Feeling Fatigued

The fatigue complaint is common and often experienced when the liver is toxic. The liver helps provide energy and combat fatigue by providing the body with glucose. If the liver is stressed with toxins, it becomes less efficient at regulating blood glucose. Fatigue and sugar cravings start to kick in at this time.

Hormone Imbalances and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The liver also detoxifies our hormones, such as excess estrogen. When liver function is impaired, excess estrogen may not be adequately broken down and excreted. Signs of excess estrogen in women can include PMS, fibrocystic breasts, moodiness, weight gain, menstrual disturbances, fibroids, to name a few.

Abdominal Bloat and Excessive Gas.

When the flow of bile is slow or stagnant, the gut shifts towards a state of dysbiosis, where unfriendly flora/bacteria dominate, and constipation is common. The toxins from pathogenic bacteria then block detoxification pathways in the liver, resulting in an imbalance of flora and dysbiosis, excessive gas and bloating may be experienced long after eating.

High Levels of Heavy Metals.

Due to metals in industrial, agricultural, and technological applications, coal-burning power plants, plastics, textiles, electronics, wood preservation, paper processing, minerals are in abundance. Human exposure to heavy metals has soared. Heavy metals can cause DNA damage and contribute to a variety of human illnesses. When the liver’s detoxification pathways are impaired, heavy metals can accumulate in the body.

Allergies and chemical sensitivities

When the liver is toxic, we become more reactive to chemical exposures, including gasoline, kerosene, natural gas, pesticides, solvents, new carpet, adhesives, glues, fabric softener, formaldehyde, cleaning agents, medications and more.

Seasonal pollen allergies may worsen, and food sensitivities may increase. The liver is responsible for breaking down excess histamine, and if it is sluggish, histamine may build up in the body.

Poor Sleep

Nearly 60 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders every year. Sleep problems run the gamut, taking too long to fall asleep, waking up too early, poor sleep quality, frequent nocturnal awakening, or early morning awakening. The solutions range from sleeping medications to cognitive reframing techniques, relaxation tapes, meditation, sleep hygiene, and more. But one simple solution may be to improve liver function. Sleep disturbances have long been observed in chronic liver conditions, and one mechanism may be impaired hepatic melatonin metabolism.

How to Cleanse and Rejuvenate Your Liver

Your liver is the only visceral organ in your body that can regenerate itself. If even a mere quarter of your original liver is left, it can restore to its full size. Your liver’s capacity for repair is immense. It just needs extra care and attention. Here are some herbs for improving your liver function.

Improve bile flow with Natures Sunshine Products

They have been used for hundreds of years as both medicines and as aperitifs. They promote proper drainage of the liver, kidneys, lymph, and help support intestinal health. First and foremost, they support healthy bile flow, which is critical for digestive function and helps balance your gut flora, since bile acids are antimicrobial. Toxins and their metabolites are expelled from the liver into the bile, and out of the body via the colon.

Support the Liver with Nature's Sunshine Liver Cleanse Formula is a product which supports the gall bladder and liver. It also promotes detoxification and cleansing for which the liver provides mediation. In addition, this formula also helps support a healthy digestive system. Your liver is a miraculous organ which does many important things. It secretes bile which emulsifies fat, control metabolism of both nutrients and toxins, and serves as a type of reservoir for various metabolites and nutrients.

This formula contains essential nutrients which encourage the health of the liver and the body's detoxification processes. The herbs contained in the product have been chosen for their ability to nurture, cleanse and detoxify the body while offering support to the digestive system. These herbs include dandelion root, red beetroot, parsley, horsetail, yellow dock, black cohosh and more. Dandelion root is often included in cleansing and detoxification products because of its beneficial effects. Parsley also has cleansing effects and contains vital nutrients. Black cohosh is an herb often recommended for feminine health which may also support the glandular systems of the body.

All of the ingredients in this formula provide a supportive and nourishing effect on the liver, gall bladder and detoxification of the body.

Liver Cleansing Formula $23.00

Mood Elevator (2) $45.10

Cascara Sagrada $19.50

Gallon of Water a day

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