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When NOT to Steam

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Steaming is therapeutic and beneficial in so many ways; however, there are some women who cannot steam. Everyone that comes to Crystal Cleansing Center completes an intake form to determine her steam setup and herbs.

Crystal Cleansing Center is a leader in steam safety tailoring each and every steam session depending on a woman's individual needs.

*Never do a vaginal steam when you’re pregnant or think you may be pregnant unless you are full term and in labor and directed by your midwife.

*When an infection is present

*If you have genital piercings, please remove the jewelry first, the metal may cause burns.

*Avoid steams with a herpes outbreak (or other open sores)

With hormonal creams or rings.

*If you have interim bleeding (fresh pink or red spotting between periods)

*If you are having two periods per month

*If you have spontaneous bleeding

*If you are trying to conceive and have ovulated within the time, you want to steam

Text Crystal at 312-730-3304 to complete the Vaginal Steam intake for prior to making your appointment.


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