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Nothing gives me more pleasure than when my clients leave my office feeling better than when they walk into my door. It's the joy that motivates me to continue to help others obtain optimum health. If you have had my service and would like to add your testimonial we are now on! Review us there and I will add you to the website.

Adrienne Imani

"I went to someone in the past for my colonics but after leaving I didn't quite feel different but when I went to Crystal, I felt so so much better afterwards. She even had me feel my belly to see how soft it was afterwards. So yes I agree she is great and I know darn well I need to get in and see her again soon. Crystal Cleansing Center help me go from 173 pounds to 155 in 21 days from colonics. I have now reached a new record I'm 147 pounds. Thanks Crystal."

Adrienne Imani

Shara Jones

"My Colonic Testimonial...

I've been going to Crystal for at least 4-5 years, and she is ULTIMATELY THE BEST COLON HYDROTHERAPIST EVER...PERIOD! Crystal has a gift, and she is excellent at what she does. I agree with the brotha that left the video testimonial; the way she does a colonic is not like any other I've ever experienced. She has a magical way of getting that gas out, and BABY, she gets all that shit out, literally! Her irrigation and massage techniques help loosen pockets of gas and impacted waste. I love the sauna in the basement...I go in and sleep/sweat for a good hour and then hit the table for that good colonic. Spring/Summer is coming up, so if you want to get that muffin in shape, call her. SHE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!"

Shara Jones

Jerome Williams

I'm a loooooong time satisfied client of Crystals! I've been getting colonics since I was in my twenties. I have had them done by several different practitioners over the years NONE as painless and thorough as Crystal. Don't let foolish pride cost you your health. Give her a call. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make."



"When I first heard of a Colonic, I instantly thought "ugh, enema". But this was not the case at all. Crystal was very informative and patient. The best thing of the best thing of all is IT DIDN'T hurt. She was so attentive throughout the procedure making sure I was okay. My most favorite was the sauna treatment which she made so relaxing with music and atmosphere. I would definitely visit again recommend."

Elahn Quick

"Thank you soooo much Crystal for recommending
The Bentonite/chlorophyll cleanse, my body is so
Very greatful. After just three days my wife and
Co-workers were all complimenting me on my flatter
Stomach. No pains or cramps no bathroom rooms every
2sec just smooth easy results. thank you"

Kimberly Street

"No fair! Crystal, needs 50 stars!!

Before I met her, I was really sick! Sick of being sick as well as physically sick! The best gift my church member ever gave me was introducing me to Crystal!!

Her calming personality makes nervousness dissolve! After my treatment I couldn't stop talking about her to my friends because for so long I felt like Lazarus, DEAD and after completing my four sessions, following her regimen and staying dedicated, I FELT LIKE A NEW PERSON! People noticed a change, but most importantly, I NOTICED A CHANGE! I was healthy inside and out! But, sometimes we fall into old habits…

15 years later, her sauna detoxification, her calming spirit, and her colonic technique and expertise is still my best solution for being genuinely healthy, and obtaining a peaceful experience! Looking forward to seeing her soon, you should too!!!"

Rachel Chanyah

"I've known Crystal since 2001, and she is not only exceedingly professional in her field, but she's also very kind. Colonics can be a very private and sensitive process in which the client has to feel well informed and comfortable with the therapist they are with. Crystal is that therapist!!!!"

Havanah Israel

My entire world changed the day I met this sister the winter of 02' . She introduced myself and my family to a wealth of knowledge regarding our health, wellness, and Spirituality. They are all connected. I am forever. Humble and greatful

Kanika McKinney

Yes! If you’ve never had a colonic you have no idea how much better you will feel Crystal is very professional and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. If you’re in the Chicago area check her out jumpstart your health jump start your health!!! Clear your colon of impacted waste...


Meyoshi Gant

Crystal Cleansing Center has been for me the best holistic center this side of heaven!  Crystal’s pleasant bedside manner leaves you feeling relaxed and later mentally rejuvenated.  Her well-honed skill set has allowed me to trust her with ease regarding the services that were recommended for my preexisting health conditions/concerns. 

I have been fighting Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Lupus SLE for 9 years. Many people are not knowledgeable about the illness and how the symptoms interfere with the daily routine of “Lupies”.

Holistic practices have not been placed on a large platform to aid our bodies in the fight. Receiving colonic and sauna services have assisted me with fatigue, bloating and weight loss while I have witnessed less inflammation in my extremities.


I would recommend Crystal Cleaning Center to anyone that is ready for a lifestyle change. 


Change starts with-in; when you feel better on the inside…You want to share your greatness to the outside!

Don J. Wilson

YES......I FEEL WONDERFUL!!! 1st time "butt" *lol!*, I feel sooooooo much better. Crystal is very professional & knowledgable about what she's doing in her soon to be 20th year providing her services and practing what she preaches. This is the kickstart to becoming more conscious about one's health and well-being. Though the colonic itself was foreign to me at first, talking to her during the process while asking questions made it a very enjoyable & informative experience. Men I suggest that you at least give it a try if you've ever felt sluggish, waited down and have zero energy.


I TOTALLY recommend that you go and see for yourself!!

Rain Truth

Professional and high-level quality service!

Toya Stevenson Smith

Very professional, patient and knowledgeable.

Lisa Gray

Back in the winter of 2018, I was speaking to someone very close to Crystal about some reproductive organ issues; they handed me their last card with her info on it. My schedule wouldn't permit until last month. I am SO impressed!!!! The atmosphere alone is very relaxing, and the results are phenomenal! Can't wait for the next time. I highly recommend Crystal to all!!!!!

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